Korean-Canadian artist, educator, and creative
who challenges the traditional norms of what it means to be
'East' vs. 'West'
by creating powerful narratives with Korean black ink, minhwa,
and other forms of ancient Korean mediums.
ENG/한 OK. Represented by Atelier Purri.


Sang Hee Kim is a Korean-Canadian educator, artist, and creative based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Her striking works of art show her versatility, and her free usage of black ink constantly pushes the traditional boundaries of how we consume art today.
As an art educator, she spreads knowledge and enthusiasm to both artists and non-artists with Korean traditional art, a style not usually seen in the west.
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The Art of Happiness (2018) - Solo Exhibition at Silk Purse
Sonata of Life (2022) - Group Exhibition at Silk Purse with Atelier Purri


Atelier Purri is a collaborative effort joined by South Korean artist, Sang Hee (Jean) Kim and daughters Jennifer Shim of Atelier 木世, and Julia Shim. Purri takes the name from the Korean word, 뿌리 (roots), signifying the artists' unique relationships to their origins and its manifestation in their art.Sang Hee Kim is a Korean-Canadian educator and artist whose signature styles include minhwa and oriental black ink on hanji paper. She is also a member of the VKAC (Vancouver-Korean Artist Collective). As an artist, she hopes to change the notions of East and West which is often understood in binaries. By exposing the public to her art, she hopes to reach her community by weaving in the common, familiar themes that make us human with her unconventional, unfamiliar art style.Jennifer Shim is the eldest daughter of Sang Hee Kim. Her favourite mediums include digital art and architecture. Thematically, her works explore contrasts of light and dark, life and death, and challenges notions about space and ruins. Her interests include medicine, architectural spaces, and oncology, and she hopes her art will make spectators stop and ponder its themes.Julia Shim is the youngest daughter of Sang Hee Kim. Her interests include fashion, wearable art, and mixing contrasting mediums (such as clothes and Korean oriental art). She aims for her creativity to not just be accessible to everyone, but to be applicable and engaging. Julia also focuses on challenging the standard notion of spectator vs. spectacle in art, using fashion as a way to make the spectator into the spectacle instead.